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Marvin Skis offers seven-day ski trip tours to resorts throughout Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Our ski trip guides are affordably-priced at $2100, per person, with double occupancy. This is an incredible value—not only to ski some of the finest resorts in North America, but to learn from an experienced ski instructor with intimate knowledge of the region and its slopes. Rates cover lodging, lift and guide. Below are the destinations we ski.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a premier destination for ski trip tours. Surrounded by the Tetons, this is where you’ll find some of the most enticing slopes to ski in the winter, surrounded by natural beauty and fresh mountain air. You’ll get to experience the slopes of the Rendezvous and Apres Vous Mountains, with challenging terrain that makes you feel like you’ve conquered the world when you reach the bottom of the run. To learn more about Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, please visit the website.

Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee Resort

We’ve taken many popular ski trip guides to Grand Targhee Resort and this iconic destination is known for its amazing snowfalls—up to 500 inches per year! We’ll take the lift up to one of the two peaks and enjoy some of the best downhill skiing in the country. This resort is frequently listed as one of the top five for skiing in the country! To learn more about Grand Targhee Resort, please visit the website.

Big Sky Montana

Big Sky Mountain Resort

A popular favorite for ski trip tours, Big Sky Mountain Resort is the second-largest ski resort by acreage in the country. With more than 250 runs—a majority of them intermediate or advanced—this is an experienced skier’s paradise! Lone Peak is the top of the mountain, welcoming you to the summit before leaving you with breathtaking, exhilarating sights and experiences all the way back down. To learn more about Big Sky Mountain Resort, please visit the website.


Alta Ski Resort

Alta is one of the oldest ski destinations in the country and a consistent destination for ski trip guides. It has an annual snowfall of nearly 550 inches, making it easy to hit fresh powder every day during the peak season. This is a skier’s bastion, where snowboarding is prohibited. It has a smattering of more than 115 trails, trending toward intermediate and advanced skiers. To learn more about Alta Ski Resort, please visit the website.


Snowbird Ski Resort

For fledgling skiers, we frequently host ski trip tours at Snowbird Ski Resort. This destination welcomes skiers of all skill levels, with an almost even split between beginner, intermediate and advanced runs. The high elevation and long runs of this resort make it a popular destination and one we’re consistently excited to visit. To learn more about Snowbird Ski Resort, please visit the website.

Whisper Ridge

Whisper Ridge Winter Resort

Whisper Ridge Winter Resort is one of our favorite places in Utah and one that frequently plays host to our ski trip guides. This resort sees more than 500 inches of snowfall each year, across more than 700 skiable acres. Deep within the Wasatch Mountains, there’s plenty to see and do, including alpine skiing in the majestic beauty of all that Utah has to offer. To learn more about Whisper Ridge Winter Resort, please visit the website.

Powder Mountain Ski Resort Logo

Powder Mountain Ski Resort

As one of North America’s largest ski areas, Powder Mountain boasts 8,000 acres of skiable terrain and over 500 inches of true snow every year. It is a once in a lifetime adventure stretching between Weber and Cache counties in Northern Utah. The resort features over 150 trails, nine lifts, and two terrain parks. After a trip to Powder Mountain, you will come home with the discovery of a secret spot and tales of your adventures on the slopes!

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